Thursday, September 19, 2013

7400 hits?

Wow!  That's a lot of hits!  I hope all these are not people suffering from foot injuries!   I hope everybody had a great summer.  I still think back on my own injury from time to time - I guess I always will.  Have a happy Autumn!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


June 2013

Hi - I see I am well over 6000 views!   Coming up on my 2 year anniversary of my accident and heading back to the scene of the accident this weekend.  Hopefully they will not put my boat into the same slip I was in two years ago when this happened!

Well, 2 years later - I still have a stiff foot sometimes, and sometimes it's sore - especially during a change in the weather.   Nothing serious - and I assume that will be my permanent reminder of that fateful weekend.  Otherwise, life is normal - I exercise - jog, etc.  I even did a 6 mile walk last weekend with no ill effects.

Given that the injury happened so long ago, I have decided to close any further entries to this blog.  But I will leave it out in Cyberspace hoping it helps somebody else with a Lisfranc injury cope or understand what they might be in for.  I'll check back from time to time - and will answer any responses if any.

Take care......  Glenn

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


How is your winter going?  It has been a long snowy winter here in Connecticut with my town making national news a few weeks back.  My back deck had an 8 foot snowdrift on it!  I spent a lot of time outside removing snow and for 2 days after my muscles screamed in protest.   Now since this started off as an injury blog one might ask how my foot injury is doing 18 months later?  Well, as I have stated in earlier posts, I am completely healed but far from a pre injury normal.  There are days that I am very aware that I had a foot injury in terms of some minor pain, or some minor swelling.  Nothing horrible... But still that permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

I noticed I am over 5000 views.   I hope you folks still dealing with an injury find something usefull in this blog.  Do not hesitate to post a comment, I will try to share my experiences with you if it can help you or put things into perspective.

Bye for now...  G

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hug somebody today

Newtown CT is about 20 minutes from me.  Too close for comfort....    Hug somebody today and remember those poor families affected by this terrible tragedy.  I really am at a loss for words....

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Angels saved me last summer

Best to read the post just before this one to get the context...   I know I said a story for another day, but I have a slow morning so I thought I'd tell it.

I do throw caution to the wind even in my advanced age of gulp - 50!    Besides my big boat, I have a Zodiac - a 13 foot long rubber raft with a 10HP motor on the back.  I remember the Zodiac as a kid as being the preferred mode of transportation for Jacque Costeau and the boys as they went off to explore some far flung coral reef.  I always dreamed of doing the same thing in my life, and for years now, I have enjoyed speeding around the bays and inlets of CT and Long Island on my own Zodiac.  This particular summer weekend afternoon was not unlike many others.  Sitting around on the dock enjoying the company of friends I got bored and hopped into my Zodiac for a spin.  Noting it was low tide, I knew I could not venture into the salt marsh as I usually do - so I headed up river and once clearing the no wake zone I opened her up.  After some time I turned around to head back to the dock but decided to take a quick detour over to rock pile in the middle of the river that once served as a channel marker to look at the nesting ospreys who called the rock-pile home.  I picked up a little speed and suddenly the prop hit bottom and I was thrown from the boat.  Fully clothed, sunglasses on, I tumbled and bounced along the bottom eyes open staring at bubbles and green water.  Coming up for air, I gasped and realized I could stand up on the sand bar I was on.   My Zodiac was over near the rock pile about 40 feet away, still running and slowly going around in circles inching further and further from me.  At this point extreme panic started to set in.  I am out in the middle of a tidal river far from land other than the rock pile.  The tide was beginning to turn and I could feel the incoming tug of the current, and my boat was moving away from me.   I thought to myself - get ahold of yourself!  Do not panic!  DO NOT PANIC.  Now - what to do?  I am a strong swimmer - swim over to the marsh which was about 100 yards away?  Swim to the rock-pile and wave down a passing boat?  Or swim towards my spinning zodiac - risk getting chopped up by my prop and climb aboard?  God and angels protect drunks and fools as the old saying goes - so I start to swim out to my Zodiac and catch the bow rope and hang on as she is still spinning.  I manage to hit the engine kill switch and pull myself on board.  I am soaking wet, and shaken.  I re-start the motor and slowly putt putt back to the dock.  Damn!  I lost my new aviator sunglasses.   Embarrassed, I slip past my wife and dock friends back to my dock, sneak on board my boat and put on a pair of dry clothes.

Later that night I did tell my wife about this ordeal - but to this day I never told anybody else!  

Thank you guardian angel - once again!


I know I have not posted in awhile, been busy with life.    I have been wanting to get a story down for some time though.  A lot of people like to believe they have guardian angels and I am not one that wants to tempt my own fate in not believing!  In fact, I have had many close calls in my life that made me reflect on the fact that I probably do have an angel.  One winter's night about 8 years ago I was commuting home from New York on the Metro-north train.  Like many riders, I have a preferred car, and when it's crowded, you tend to pick the first available seat outbound on the train.  I like to sit in the last car of the train, and on this particular night I was several cars up front and as we neared my stop I started to make my way through the train to the last car.  Along the way I usually will 'scavenge' newspapers or magazines left by other riders for a quick read so I am quite aware of what is sitting on each seat as I pass by.  This night the pickings were slim so I found an empty seat in the last car with no magazines on it unfortunately.  So I sat down and looked out the window and reflected on how lucky I had been in my life.  I thought to myself jokingly that I must have a guardian angel.  As my stop approached, I got up out of my seat to leave the train - and on the seat next to me was a booklet.  I picked the booklet up out of curiosity - and on the cover was a beautiful angel wings and all.  Inside the booklet it talked about how we all have guardian angels in our life....

My blood ran cold, I threw the booklet back onto the seat and hopped off of the train somewhat shaken...  I knew for a fact the booklet was *not* on the seat next to me when I sat down.  That's when I knew for sure that I had one!

Aside from not killing myself the night I injured my foot, over the years especially as a young man I threw caution to the wind more than once and lived to tell about - thanks to my guardian angels...  a story for another day.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy October

It's been awhile since I posted.  The leaves are changing here and Autumn is in full swing.  Last year at this time I was learning how to walk again.  Thankfully, a distant memory.   I hope everybody is having a good year and healing well.   I noticed my views are getting close to 4000.   Wow!